Jump on an Opportunity as a US Army Parachute Rigger

If there is one thing for certain, there is no telling where the next world conflict will be. There are conflicts breaking out all of the time between different countries and factions which you need to be quashed to protect the rest of the world from any problems. It is the responsibility of the United States Army to help out when these kinds of situations arise. To make sure that the troops will be able to get all the vehicles and equipment that they need, it is important to be able to parachute it in.

What You Will Do

As a parachute rigger in the US Army, you will be responsible for making sure that everything from crates to tanks will be able to drop from a plane and land gently on the ground. You will help to make sure that the right amounts of parachutes are used as well as to make sure that eth rigs are timed correctly so that the parachutes will be deployed at exactly the right time.

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Get the Training

Because your job is a specialized field, you will have to go through specialized training after you go through basic training. This means that you will have the training which is necessary for you to be able to do the job which will help to save lives in the long run.




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