Infantry Careers in the National Guard

Do you have any interest in joining the National Guard? Would you enjoy working as an infantry soldier? If you are looking for action this is a great choice. Those who choose this career path are sure to keep busy, day after day.

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Infantry Job Training

Training for all infantry soldiers starts the same way: 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training. This is something that all new members of the National Guard go through, not just those who are interested in the infantry division.

During this 10 week course, soldiers will be tested both physically and mentally. At the same time, you will develop many essential skills and values.

Once you complete Basic Combat Training it is time to move onto Advanced Individual Training. Those who get involved with an infantry career can expect anywhere from five to eight weeks of Advanced Individual training.

You will learn all the essential soldiering skills that you need to protect yourself, others, and your country. In addition to time in the field, you will also find yourself in the classroom from time to time. From war games to target practice you can really get involved with the inner workings of the Guard by choosing this career path.

Civilian Life

It may not make sense, but the skills that you learn as an infantry solider can help you with many careers later in life. Remember, you will learn a lot about teamwork, leadership, and discipline.

Infantry Jobs

There are two infantry jobs to consider. It is good to know that the infantry is the main combat force of the National Guard.

As an infantryman you must be ready to defend your country and fight back enemy ground forces. You will be trained to use a variety of weapons, while also learning hand to hand combat skills.

As an indirect fire infantryman your role is a bit different. In addition to combat roles, you will also be a member of a mortar squad. This comes along with increased duties including the use of anti-tank mines, scouting for the enemy, and building firing positions.

Both of these infantry careers in the National Guard are closed to women.

Infantry careers in the National Guard are very popular. If you are interested in front line fighting and being in the action, this is a career path to consider.




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