Armor and Field Artillery Careers in the National Guard

There are many National Guard careers to choose from. Some will be right up your alley. Before making a final decision, make sure you consider armor and field artillery careers and all that they have to offer. This path is one that can bring excitement to your life. Not to mention the fact that armor and field artillery jobs also translate well into civilian life.

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Job Training

If you decide to get involved with an armor and field artillery career you will go through 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training. This consists of 10 weeks of mental and physical training. Along with this, you will move onto four to eight weeks of Advanced Individual Training. Depending on your job specialty, you may be combined into One Station Unit Training.

Are there civilian jobs equivalent to National Guard careers in armor and field artillery? Not really. That being said, you will learn a lot of skills that you can put to good use when you head into the real world. From teamwork to leadership skills, these are things that you can use to your advantage.

Many people involved with armor and field artillery careers eventually move into fields such as telecommunication services, computer programming, data processing, and information technology.

Armor and Field Artillery Jobs

Getting involved with an armor and field artillery career is a bit more complex than it sounds. Most importantly, you need to choose the job specialty that is right for you. With many options you should be able to make a good decision.

Here are several of the most popular armor and field artillery jobs: cannon crewmember, field artillery tactical data system specialist, cannon fire direction specialist, fire support specialist, multiple launch rocket system crewmember, multiple launch rocket system operational fire direction specialist, field artillery firefinder radar operator, cavalry scout, armor crewman, air defense tactical control operations center operator (cash bonus), avenger crewmember, tactical automated fire control systems specialist (closed to women), and field artillery surveyor.

These jobs are all based around operating weapons or keeping an eye on the enemy. Does it get any more exciting than that?

If you can picture yourself working in an armor and field artillery career, you should consider one of the many jobs listed above. They are exciting, rewarding, and do not require too much training.

Join the National Guard as an armor and field artillery specialist – you will not regret this decision.




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