Provide Training as a US Marine Small Arms Weapons Instructor

The United States Marines have been known as the first to fight for a long time now. They are the first ones on the scene any time that the United States joins any major conflict. It is the reason why they need to have the best skills in terms of fighting capabilities. This includes their ability to fight with small arms and the ability to make sure that they will be able to hit their mark.

What You Will Do

When you work as a small arms weapons instructor in the US Marines, you will be in charge of helping the enlisted personnel to learn how to properly use their small arms. This includes being able to have excellent marksmanship skills as well as having the ability to use their weapon in the defense of their unit. You will help the personnel to understand how their weapon operates and how to get the most from each shot fired.

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Get the Training

You will have to have first have worked as a Marksmanship Coach to attain this position. You will have to be at least a Sergeant or at most a Gunnery Sergeant. You will also have to have met the MCCS standard for Land navigation. When you are ready to report for instruction, you will need to have at least six years of experience in TIS.




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