Explosive Career as a USAF EOD Apprentice

There are many different threats an airman will encounter while in combat and while on base. One of the worst threats that you can face is the one which involves an explosive device. The destructive power of the device can create a risk which is terrible to not just the vehicles and the base, but the lives of the personnel as well. It is the reason why in the United States Air Force, the career of the EOD apprentice is such an important one.

What You Will Do

You will work with robotics and specialized teams to locate, analyze and defuse bombs so that they will not be a threat to the base or others. You will assist in dismantling explosive devices so that there will not be any risk that any part of the weapon can get back into the wrong hands. You will also assist in informing personnel what to look for when they come across something which might be explosive ordnance.

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Get the Training

To make sure that you have the ability to do your job safely, it is important to have the right kind of training. You will need to be able to understand what to look for in explosive ordnance as well as how to go about disarming them. You will learn through classroom training as well as working on live munitions so that you will get an idea of what you are dealing with in the field.




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