Promote Safety as a USMC Water Safety and Survival Instructor

There are many different scenarios a United States Marine will need to be able to operate efficiently and safely in. One of the trickiest to be able to stay safe in whenever entering, leaving or in the middle of a combat situation is water. These conditions can be extremely hazardous without the right amount of training. It is the reason why the job of the US Marine water safety/survival Instructor is so important.

What You Will Do

You will help others to be able to understand how to perform properly in water whenever they are in a combat environment or if they might become separated from their unit. You will instruct for methods to stay alive and to get help even when stranded at sea as there are many times in which Marines will need to ride along on Navy vessels to get to their destinations. You will instruct on how to implement flotation devices and to stay warm while in the water.

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Get the Training

Before you can train others, you will have to be trained yourself. You will go through extensive training beyond what you have already received in your duties. You will learn how to conduct water training and survival lessons for recruits. In addition to learning how to conduct training exercises, you will also need to learn how to set up the courses which will be used.




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