Jurf Nadaf Explosives And Weapons Found

Cache Turned Over To 1st Cavalry Soldiers There has been an increasing cooperative effort on the parts of the local citizens to report and turn in explosives and ammunition in the area surrounding Baghdad.  Recently a citizen tip led to another huge cache of weapons and explosives near Jurf Nadaf.  Jurf Nadaf is a village just to the east of Baghdad, and the site of the most recent weapons discovery February 10th. This was the 2nd find of explosives and weapons reported to Troop C within a 72-hour period, and is an indicator of how much better things are going for everyone in the region. “When we are able to discover and find caches like this, it represents lives of civilians and soldiers that are saved,” said Sergeant Storts, a Troop C Cavalry scout. The weapons cache contained several rocket propelled grenades, twenty eight regular grenades, five EEP’s, and various material that is used to construct roadside bombs.  The cache was found in an abandoned home after a tip from a local resident.  Soldiers came and searched the home, and that is when the weapons were discovered. Troop C responded to a similar tip two days earlier, on February 8th, and found another cache then.  Troop C is part of the 3-1 Cavalry Regiment of 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry.  They have been serving with pride and distinction in operations in the region since March of 2007.  “We have been making a real difference and we are proud to be here able to help,” said Major Sowers.  Sowers is an officer with 3rd Brigade Combat Team.




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