National Guard Careers: Military Police Jobs

There are many jobs in the National Guard. Not many are as exciting as those with the military police. When you join the National Guard in this capacity you are responsible for enforcing the law, protecting officers, securing bases, and much more.

If you want to become a military police officer, click here to request free information on joining the National Guard.

Job training starts with 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training – this is the same for all new members of the National Guard. From there, those who are interested in a military police job will move onto 8 to 12 weeks of Advanced Individual Training.

Do you want to become a police officer after you leave the National Guard? If so, you should definitely work in the military police field. Not only will this prepare you for the future, but it will help you find your dream job after you leave the Guard. Your training could also help you with other careers including correction officer, private investigator, detective, security officer, or uncover agent.

If you are going to join the National Guard as a military policeman there are several jobs you can get involved with including but not limited to: military police and CID special agent.

No matter what career path you follow upon joining the National Guard you are sure to be involved with a lot of action from day one.

Before you join the National Guard military police make sure you request as much information as possible. From there, you can make a decision on whether you want to follow this career path.




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To whoever this may concern,
I am a 16 year old male junior in high school and I have some questions regarding joining the military. My goal is to join the military and become a military police officer and then later become a civilian police officer or possibly a state trooper and I need some guidelines as to how I can accomplish these goals. Also I was wondering how exactly ROTC classes work and if I should consider taking these classes.

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