Steps for Women Interested in Joining the Navy

Are you a woman? Are you interested in joining the Navy? If you answered yes to both of these questions you are in the unique position to do something special. While there are thousands upon thousands of women already serving in the Navy, they are always looking for more people just like you.

It is one thing to say that you want to join the Navy. It is another entirely to learn more about this process, including what to expect as you begin to serve your country. Remember, this is a big step in your life.

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How to Join the Navy as a Woman

1. Collect as much information as you can. The biggest mistake you can make is deciding to join the Navy on a whim. This is a big life decision that you need to take seriously. To get started, search for information online. You will find everything from job descriptions to pay scales and much more. You owe it to yourself to learn as much as possible before taking the next step. You may learn that the Navy is not right for you at this time – and there is nothing wrong with that. You can always reconsider this option in the future.

2. Schedule an appointment with a Navy recruiter. This is the next step to take after you have done a lot of research on your own. While you can find tons of good information on the internet, you are still going to have specific questions that only a Navy recruiter can answer. Remember, just because you meet with a recruiter does not mean you have to join. In fact, this is nothing more than a way to explore this option in further detail.

Before you appointment put together a list of questions that you would like to ask. This is your chance to learn anything and everything about joining the Navy, including what to expect now and in the future. Nothing is off limits.

3. Are you ready to spend at least four years in the Navy? As crazy as it sounds, this is something that many people overlook. You are going to be away from friends and family for four years. Of course, this does not mean you have to stay out of touch and you cannot see them during this time.

Simply put, it is a major change to go from your current life to life in the Navy. Are you ready for this change? Or do you need to mature in your current environment before taking on the Navy life?

4. Consider what your role will be once you join the Navy. There is a lot of responsibility that goes along with this. You are going to defend your country, day after day. You may not be on the front line, fighting with the enemy, but you are definitely doing your part in keeping the country and its citizens safe. Are you ready to take on this responsibility?

The Navy expects you to be 100 percent committed at all times. Even if you are serving in a noncombat role, you are still in position to help your country.

5. Learn more about the different jobs within the Navy. This is something that you want to discuss with your recruiter. It is important to get involved with something that you will enjoy. Along with this, the training that you receive and experience that you gain can be put to good use later in life as you apply for civilian employment.

Career fields include: Arts and Education, Aviation, Business and Legal, Chaplain and Support, Engineering and Applied Science, Health Care, Information and Technology, Nuclear Energy, Service and Safety, and Special Warfare.

These are the career fields, and within each one there are several jobs. For instance, Health Care jobs include but are not limited to: physicians, dentists, nurses, and specialists. As you can see, the Navy is in need of all types of workers.

Note: women are unable to join the Navy SEALs.

6. Schedule a time to take the Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery test. Your Navy recruiter or school counselor can help you with this. This test can only be taken at a Military Entrance Processing Station. Expect to take this test for one to three hours. To be eligible to join the Navy you must score 31 out of 100 or higher. Obviously, the higher your score the more opportunities you have.

7. Do you know anybody who has been in the Navy? If so, it makes good sense to speak with them about their experience and what you can expect. There is no denying that you can learn a lot about the Navy online and by communicating with a recruiter. But when it comes down to it, a family member or friend will be able to give you the first hand advice that you are really looking for.

Note: if possible, speak with women who have been in the Navy. This will give you a better outlook on what you are getting into.

8. If you don’t know what career path and job is best for you the Navy can help. As noted above, you can request that you join with special training for a specific career. If you have no clue where you best fit in, the Navy can choose an occupational specialty for you.

9. Be prepared for a physical exam, criminal background check, and drug screening test. If you don’t think you can pass the physical exam, for example, you will want to start making changes to your lifestyle and body to ensure that you do not run into any issues.

There is nothing worse than being told you cannot join the Navy because something does not check out with your physical exam, criminal background check, or drug screening test.

10. Make a commitment, but only when you are ready. It is worth noting again: you do not want to join the Navy on a whim. No matter how good everything sounds or what you are hearing from a recruiter, you must not make a legal commitment until you are 100 percent sure that this is the best decision for you at the present time.

There are more than 50k active duty women in the Navy. If you want to join them, follow the 10 steps above. At the very least, they will put you on the right path to making an informed decision.




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military dot image Jessica    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Thank you so much for the article. I have been contemplating this decision for quite awhile. I am the oldest and well ; the most reliable child in my family. My dad was in the Navy and always has held high praises for the program. I feel it is my responsibility to continue in his honor. My only question is do you know the best way to get in touch with women now or previously in the navy that I could possibly talk to? Thanks again! Jess

military dot image Shivani dass    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Hi I am Shivani and I am 24 year old . I don’t have any background in Indian Navy .but its my dream to be in Navy and the only duty in the world I meant to do .and i would like to request that I really want know more about Navy ,so please post as much as information you can .which can help more to be in Navy.
Thank you

military dot image Liz    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Thank you so much for this article! I’m nineteen years old and just recently started thinking about joining the Navy. This article definitely gave me things to think about and was a much needed read. It’s hard pressed to find an article online helping women with the decision to go into the military or not. Thank you!!

military dot image Donna Anderson    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I have a 17 year old granddaughter that is interested in joining the Navy. I am looking for a recent young woman for her to talk with and get advise from who did join the Navy right out of high school. Is there any way to get a message to a woman that joined just after high school?

military dot image larryf    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Hey Donna, great idea. I would call a local recruiter and ask them for the same. Obviously, they’ll know other woman who have not only joined, but live in your local area. Not to mention, should have all their contact info.
Click here to locate your nearest or local recruiter. Hope this helps. And thanks for being a great caring grandmother. Best, Larry

military dot image Monika    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I have done my graduation with 65%. I am interested in joining navy what are the terms and conditions and the education requirements. Which exams I have to go through? please guide me.

military dot image larryf    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

The best approach would be to call your local navy recruiter. He/she is your only reliable source of recruiting info. Good luck. Larry

military dot image Barr. Walter's    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Interested person’s who knows they are qualified to join the US navy should submit there application immediately.
Recruitment is currently going on into the US Navy recruting command located in Millington Tennessee. It aims to recruit both enlisted sailors and prospective commissioned officer’s for the United States navy which you are to send your application immediately to [email protected] for proper assessment and verification before teaming up with the training processes

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