Top National Guard Cash Bonus Jobs

I am joining the National Guard because I want to get rich! This is not something that you will hear very often. This is not the type of career that will get you rich. Instead, you should join the National Guard because you want to serve your country while also receiving top notch on the job training.

Although money may not be a big reason to join the National Guard, it is important to note that some positions come with a cash bonus. If you join a special assignment unit or have special skills, there is a good chance that you will qualify for a bonus of up to $5k. Along with this, soldiers with prior service may qualify for the same amount if they serve in the same position as before.

Also, there are bonuses for officers in many cases.

Cash bonus jobs are not available for National Guard members in every state. For more information on bonuses you should contact your local recruiter.

Are you interested in joining the National Guard and possibly receiving a cash bonus? If so, click here to request more information.

Common National Guard Cash Bonus Jobs

1. Special Forces Detachment Commander. This senior level position is available for a cash bonus. Your job is to plan and execute primary missions including: direct action, foreign internal defense, counterterrorism, special reconnaissance, and unconventional warfare. The job of Special Forces Detachment Commander is closed to women.

2. Intelligence Senior Sergeant. If you are interested in surveillance, analysis, collection, and processing and distribution tasks, a job as an Intelligence Senior Sergeant could be perfect for you. To qualify, you must complete the Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course and the Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course.

3. Special Forces Warrant Officer. This is a senior level position that is closed to women. As part of the Special Forces unit you will be proficient in many different areas.

4. Special Forces Team Sergeant. This senior level position is closed to women. This job is saved for the most experienced members of the Operation Detachment Alpha. You are in charge of overseeing other members as well as mission preparation.

5. Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant. As a senior level position, Special Forces Intelligence Sergeants are in charge of many tasks including collecting and analyzing data related to the enemy. Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant jobs are only open to men.

6. Motor Transport Operator. With more than 50,000 trucks and buses, Motor Transport Operators are needed to operate these vehicles in locations all over the world.

7. Power Generation Equipment Repair. Army posts have their own electricity. When problems occur the Power Generation Equipment Repair professionals are called in to find a solution.

8. Human Intelligence Senior Sergeant. As an assistant to the commander, your responsibilities as a Human Intelligence Senior Sergeant run deep. From supervising others to collecting data, your daily tasks are very important to the overall smooth operation of the National Guard.

9. Signals Collector. Collecting electronic signals is very important. Your job is to search the radio and report on foreign electronic signals.

10. Cryptologic Communications Interceptor. If you want to become a Cryptologic Communications Interceptor you need to read and understand at least one other language. Your job is to translate and interpret written material and radio and television broadcasts in other languages.

11. Signals Intelligence Analyst. If you want to analyze foreign communications you should think long and hard about becoming a Signals Intelligence Analyst – this is a very important job in today’s National Guard.

12. Human Intelligence Collector. The National Guard needs to collect accurate information on the enemy. When this is necessary, Human Intelligence Collectors are called upon.

13. Counterintelligence Agent. As a Counterintelligence Agent you will use photos, electronic monitoring, and basic observation of others to gain information on the enemy and help the military better prepare for battle.

14. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator. Collecting information through unmanned aircrafts is becoming more and more important. As an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator it will be your job to operate these aircrafts on a regular basis.

15. Ground Surveillance Systems Operator. As a Ground Surveillance Systems Operator you will monitor ground based sensor systems.

16. Common Ground Station Operator. Are you interested in monitoring radar equipment? If so, a job as a Common Ground Station Operator is one that you will find appealing.

17. Imagery Analyst. As an Imagery Analyst you will analyze photographs to obtain information on the enemy.

18. Intelligence Analyst. It is important to have up to date, accurate information on the enemy. As an Intelligence Analyst this is your job. You will study and analyze photographs and other monitoring devices to learn as much as possible about the enemy.

19. Avionics Systems Repairer. The proper operation of aircraft weapon components is very important. As an Avionics Systems Repairer you will get to work with your hands, ensuring that all aircrafts are in good working order.

20. Air Defense Tactical Control Operations Center Operator. As a member of the early warning team, Air Defense Tactical Control Operations Center Operators detect, track, and identify enemy aircraft.

21. Special Forces Communications Sergeant. This job is closed to women. If you want to become a Special Forces Communications Sergeant you should be interested in establishing communications and setting up computer networks.

22. Special Forces Medical Sergeant. When it comes to first response and trauma care, Special Forces Medical Sergeants are at the forefront. If you are interested in a medical career in the National Guard this is one to consider. This job is closed to women.

23. Special Forces Engineer Sergeant. If you are interested in construction and demolition a job as a Special Forces Engineer Sergeant may suit you well. This job is closed to women.

24. Special Forces Weapons Sergeant. Are you interested in weapons? If so, becoming a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant is the right choice for you. From maintaining weaponry to using it, you have many responsibilities. This job is closed to women.

As you can see, there are many National Guard cash bonus jobs. If you are interested in one or more the jobs above, contact your local recruiter for more information on the position as well as any available bonus.




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