Teaching Self Defense and Combat as a USMC Martial Arts Instructor

There are many different things that Enlisted personnel in the United States Marine Corps need to learn so that they will be able to do their job whenever they land in a foreign land or even while on their own soil. One of the most important things that they will need to be able to do is to fight. While close proximity fighting is not ideal, it is unavoidable at times. This is why there are instructors which specialize in making sure that the personnel is skilled in martial arts fighting.

What You Will Do

Simply put, when you are a martial arts instructor in the US Marines, you will teach the troops how to fight using martial arts. You will teach based on how to use hands as well as weapons to make sure that they will be able to defend themselves and to have the advantage on any battlefield that they step onto. You will also assist in recertifying instructors and instructor-trainers for martial arts.

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Get the Training

Naturally, you will also have to go through the training to understand not just martial arts, but how they are applied in a military and combat setting. You will be able to go through specialized courses which will train you to understand the basics of to guide troops so that they can learn how to defend themselves and others.




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