Marine Combat Instructor on the Job

Every member of the United States Marine Corps goes through a series of training exercises to make sure that they are prepared for the duties that they will encounter while in service. Making sure that these troops are ready to do their duty is the job of the instructors. One of the most important instructor the personnel will encounter is the marine combat instructor.

What You Will Do

Your job as a Marine Combat Instructor in the US Marine Corps is to take civilians and shape them into military personnel ready to go right into battle. You will work closely with personnel in teaching them about the proper use of weapons as well as how to maintain them. Aside from combat, you will also teach the new recruits what it means to be a member of the Corps including respect for the tradition, customs and history of the Corps. You will also teach personnel how to properly march in a parade and in a review.

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Get the Training

To make sure that you will be able to give the proper amount of training, you will have to go through your own training. You will have to complete drill sergeant school so that you know what it takes to completely train all of the personnel. You will also go through intensive physical exercise on an ongoing basis to make sure that you will be able to show the troops what they should strive for.




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