Euphrates River Mobile Bridge Installed

Third Bridge Put Into Service By 1st Combat Brigade Team Camp Ramadi The soldiers and engineers were working on the first portions of the bridge that they were installing on the Euphrates River. But then suddenly the river level had risen nearly two feet in the course of an hour. This sudden rise did not cause them to even pause, but merely adjust their efforts so the first section they were installing would be installed correctly. Engineers from the 814th Engineer Company installed the first 30-foot section and adjusted the pontoons to get the section-floating better on the river. The most difficult challenge in building the bridge was the weather. The Maybey 120 meter Support Logistics Bridge that would span the Euphrates River was installed over a period of eight days. This is the third bridge of the Maybey type that was constructed by the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry. The first bridge of the Maybey construction type was build fairly close to Camp Ramadi. The other bridge that was built was located in Hawas, Iraq, close to Lake Thar Thar. Both of the first two Maybey bridges were constructed and launched as one-piece units. The third bridge was constructed in several sections, and then assembled. Engineers used pontoons called Flexi float pontoons, with two pontoons being enough to float a single bridge section into place. The portions were lined up, floated into place, then welded and secured into place. The new Maybey Bridge allows more weight; the new bridge can handle an Abrams M1 tank as well as larger vehicles.




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