Mass Communications Specialist in the US Navy

When people think of going to work to serve their country they usually conjure up images of going into battle or doing labors jobs. What many people might not know is that the military has jobs for those who have artist talents. One of these jobs is being a United States Navy photographer. These jobs allow you express yourself creatively and serve your country at the same time.

What You Will Do

Navy Mass Communication Specialists are individuals who possess creative and artist talents that they use for Navy related efforts. Those who have these jobs get the privilege of filing and photographic Navy operations and special Navy events. They are crucial part of the development and production of Navy related news stories. They also a part of designing the images used in the public affairs projects put together by the Navy.

Some Navy Mass Communication Specialist work as professional photographers for the Navy. They may also be called on to assist those officers who conduct public affairs events. Other may be asked to do media photography and assist in managing one of the Navy’s radio or television stations. Many people who have these jobs go onto to do other jobs which are media or entertainment press related as civilians.

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Get the Opportunity

Many people who join the Navy are very excited because it can allow them the opportunity to see the world. Those who take jobs as Navy Mass Communication Specialist get the chance to travel around the world, but they get to do so from a very different perspective. This is because the Navy has people in this position go to all corners of the world from Australia to Hawaii to take pictures for a wide variety of Navy uses.




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