US Navy Hospital Corpsman Helps keep sailors heathy

Life in the military can be hard at times, but there are certain comforts that you will be able to enjoy as a part of your service. In the United States Navy, your health is taken very seriously at all times. It is one of the benefits that you will receive as a part of being an enlisted personnel member. Helping to make sure that you will be able to stay safe and in the best possible health is the job of the hospital corpsman.

What You Will Do

You will work on shore and on a ship to make sure that all of the sailors are receiving the proper amount of medical care and attention that they will need to perform their duties. You will help in prevention and in treating certain diseases. You will also help to provide emergency care for those in need. Additionally, you will help in the transfer of sick and ailing personnel members to the appropriate facilities.

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Get the Training

Not only will you go through basic training with the rest of the enlisted personnel to learn basic military skills. You will also go through A Scholl training and the school in Great Lakes, IL. Here you will learn how to apply medical knowledge to the needs of those which will be in your unit or on your ship. This will help you to advance in your career and improve the lives of others.




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