Women Opportunities as Marine Administrators

Generall,y the ratio of men to women in the Marines is 11 to 1. Since there are so few women who are currently signed up with the Marines, there is plenty of room at the top for the women who do take on careers as a Marine. One of the jobs for women in the Marines which offers plenty of growth and opportunity is being an Office Administrator within the Marines.

Duties of an Office Administrator

Office administrators do many of the duties which are required of those who hold these positions in the civilian sector. Although when doing this job for the Marines there tends to be a higher amount of discipline and attention to detail required. This is due to the nature of the information that a Marine in this position is required to handle.

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Training to be an Office Administrator

Those who are looking to become office administrators in the Marines have to complete the same training that is required of all newly enlisted Marines. Once this training is completed those who are selected to do this type of work are then sent to school to train them the specifics of the job they will be performing.

Many women who take on careers in the Marines as Office Administrators find that they have many job opportunities in the civilian world. Often women find that they are able to enter into administration jobs in the civilian sector at pay rates higher than their competitors since they have a background with doing this work in the Marines.




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