Female Army Combat Engineers

There are many women who are looking forward to the day the ban against having women in combat is lifted. Until then, those women who are looking for these types of jobs can enlist in the Army and become combat engineers. The job of a combat engineer puts one close to the action on the battlefield so that they can assist those who are fighting.

Duties of a Combat Engineer

A combat engineer in the Army has a job which is important and vital for any mission to be successful. This is because these engineers support those on the battlefield through the tasks they perform such as operating many items used in combat such as heavy wheeled vehicles and lighting sources. These engineers also install and prime many of the firing systems used in combat.

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Specialized Training

Many of the people who are looking to become a combat engineer must be between the ages of 18 and 42. No prior civilian training is necessary to begin training for this position in the military. Although an individual must meet certain medical and education requirements set by the Army.

If one is accepted for training to become a combat engineer they are sent to complete an extensive training which last 14 weeks. The training conducted during these weeks is a combination of both basic training and advanced individual training with a focus on the specific duties of this position. Once this training is completed it is then determined as to what type of combat engineering an individual will be involved in.




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This information is totally incorrect. As of 2012, women are still not allowed into the Army Combat Engineer 21B (formerly 12B) MOS. However, there are 21 series MOS’s that accept females. All Combat MOS’s are closed to women. I am sure of this since I have served 10 years as an US Army Combat Engineer.

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Thank you SSG Engineer. I was at MEPS and my female roommate at the hotel tried saying she got Combat Engineer. If that were the case I was thinking of switching from 89D (EOD) cuz my fiance is a combat engineer. Thank you for the clear up. (Hope its right)

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WASHINGTON — The Pentagon on Tuesday announced its schedule for integrating women into front-line combat by 2016.

Those timelines followed the decision in January by then-Defense secretary Leon Panetta to open 237,000 military jobs off-limits to women. Those include infantry, armor and special operations. There are about 1.4 million members of the active-duty military, about 14% of them women.

The Pentagon is developing gender-neutral tests that men and women must pass to qualify for combat roles. The Army, for example, plans to open jobs in sequence, starting with engineers in 2014 and applying the lessons it learns in that branch to armor and infantry units in 2015. Those two branches account for more than 90,000 jobs, the largest share of combat roles closed to women.


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Thank you! Great post!

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