Coast Guard Combat Jobs for Women

For several years now, there has been a fierce debate regarding lifting the military’s ban on women in combat. While it looks as if women are starting to get closer to the day when the ban will not longer be in effect, there is a way for women to work in combat in one branch of the military although the form of combat they see is limited. Being part of the Coast Guard’s search and rescue teams is a way for women to have a job in combat.

What You Will Do

Those women who enter into a career doing search and rescue missions with the Coast Guard have the same duties required of them as the men who hold these positions. This means that women are trained in the same search and rescue techniques that the other men on their boat or ship are taught. Since women are trained and required to complete the same duties, it is nice to know that that women receive the same amount of pay for these jobs as men do.

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Get the Training

Unlike many other branches of the military, the Coast Guard offers co-ed boot camps. Anyone who trains to be part of one of the Coast guards Search and Rescue teams at Cape May will train alongside both men and women while they are there.

Women are given the opportunity to receive training for all search and rescue jobs in the Coast Guard. For example, if a woman is a strong swimmer, then she is given the same opportunity as a male recruit to train to be a rescue swimmer for missions.




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