Female Naval Aviators Take Flight

There are many opportunities for women to have great careers in out country’s armed forces. For women whop are interested in flight and becoming an aviator there are many opportunities to be found in the Navy. Women who become naval aviators have rewarding and fulfilling careers.

What You Will Do

Aviators in the Navy are required to fly and learn tactical maneuvers in order to be ready for any operations they may be called on to do. These aviators spend most of their time in the air training. Although as an aviator moves up the ranks they may be required to do paperwork as part of their position’s duties.

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How to Become an Aviator

Those who want to become an aviator with the Navy must be between the ages of 19 and 26 and need to first obtain a position as an officer. Then they must be selected to be one of the official Student Naval Aviators to undergo training in flight school.

Once one has entered into naval flight school, they will need to complete a specific flight training syllabus. The time it takes to complete a specific flight syllabus which can take anywhere from 8 months to 4 years to complete. Those who go through this training for the length of four years do so to obtain the rank of the highest ranking aviator positions. Anyone who is selected to do any of this type of flight training is first required to enroll into the civilian flight school. Most people attend the flight school located near Pensacola, Florida.




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