Veterans Military Transition Assistance

If you have served in combat and are returning to civilian life, you have benefits available to help ease the transition. Readjustment counseling is one of the benefits available to those that have served in combat, to help make the transition from military service back to civilian life successful. Services that are included in readjustment counseling can include family and marital counseling, medical counseling, individual counseling, medical referrals, group counseling, and bereavement counseling. Other transition services afforded in conjunction with transition counseling is assistance with filing for VA benefits, drug and alcohol counseling and referral, information on community and outreach resources, and employment and job counseling. The Veterans administration also sponsors counseling for family members of Servicemembers, and these family services have been offered since 1979. How can you tell if you are eligible for Veterans Center Counseling or readjustment assistance? If yourself or anyone in your family was on active duty in a combat zone, and if you or the person on active duty received a campaign military ribbon for your service (such as Southwest Asia, Vietnam, OIF, or OEF) then you are eligible to receive various Veterans Center readjustment services and counseling. Veterans Readjustment counseling is a service to benefit the Veteran Servicemember, and his or her family. Counseling and re adjustment services are based at Veterans Centers scattered throughout the country and worldwide. There is not any charge for Veteran Center readjustment counseling. Counseling and assistance services are provided as a way of showing appreciation and support with honor to Veterans as they begin to deal with and process their war experiences. Get your Free career assessment here The personnel of the Veterans Administration work to welcome veterans home by employing quality readjustment services in a consistent and caring manner. Their goal is a successful transition to civilian life in or near our community. The Veterans Administration Readjustment Center program was set up in 1979 because Congress realized there were a lot of veterans from the era just after Vietnam who were not being adequately served. Services and assistance was set up to help them become successful in the community and in their own personal lives. Congress later extended many of the programs to soldiers and Airmen who served in other areas, such as Grenada, Panama, Somalia, and the First Persian Gulf war. Coverage was eventually extended to cover both the Korean conflict and WW II.




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