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Life in the Air Force is interesting and exciting. Day after day you will be presented with new challenges. If you are interested in a career that is fulfilling and rewarding, joining the Air Force is a great idea.

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Some people shy away from joining the Air Force because they are unsure of what this will mean to their day to day life. To clear up any questions, continue reading.

Where will I be stationed?

This is the number one question regarding life in the Air Force. As you complete Basic Military Training you will have the opportunity to complete an assignment preference worksheet. On this sheet you will list eight bases in the United States and eight bases overseas. You can list each base in order of preference.

Although the Air Force does their best to accommodate your needs, there is no guarantee of being stationed at your first choice.

There are more than 65 Air Force bases in the United States, and over 20 locations overseas.

Is it possible to attend Basic Training with a friend if we join together?

At the present time the Air Force has a “Buddy Program” This may allow you and a friend of the same sex to attend Basic Training together. While this is a possibility, it is not guaranteed. For more information on the Buddy Program contact a local recruiter.

What happens to married members of the Air Force?

Due to the nature of the Air Force there is no guarantee that married members will always be stationed at the same base. Fortunately, the Join Spouse Program is designed to make every reasonable effort to keep spouses together. Again, this is something that a recruiter can explain in more detail.

Do married individuals receive a housing allowance while taking part in Basic Training?

If you claim any dependants you are entitled to a housing allowance during Basic Training. Your first paycheck will include base pay along with your housing allowance. Those without dependants do not quality for a housing allowance and will only receive base pay in their paycheck.

Is there any way to stay active with sports while serving in the Air Force?

The Air Force offers members the ability to play sports at various levels of competition. On most bases the following sports are available: softball, basketball, ping pong, volleyball, soccer, golf, wally ball, flag football, and golf among others.

Remember, just because you join the Air Force does not mean your life will come to a grinding halt. You can still participate in sports as well as a variety of other activities.

Will I have a roommate when residing in an Air Force Dorm?

Generally speaking, single members of the Air Force will have their own room. Of course, there are circumstances when this is not possible. For example, if dormitories are under construction it may be necessary to bunk with another individual for a short period of time.

Can I stay in touch with family and friends during Basic Training?

During this time, trainees are unable to communicate with outsiders. This intense, 8.5 week program requires the full and undivided attention of the trainee. That being said, every trainee will send their address to their family during the first week of training.

While letters are allowed to be sent back and forth, trainees do not have access to income phone calls, email, or the internet.

There are times when a trainee may be contacted including: death in the immediate family, serious injury or illness in the immediate family, or the birth of a child.

Can family and friends visit in person?

During Basic Training, visitation is only allowed during graduation week. This is usually Thursday through Sunday.

Once you complete training and know where you will be stationed, you are able to visit in person as often as possible. A job in the Air Force is just like any other. You work regular hours and go home when your day is finished. In other words, there is plenty of free time to visit with family and friends.

By now, you should be able to see that life in the Air Force is different than that of a civilian. But different is not a bad thing. In fact, many people love the life that the Air Force has to offer. How do you feel about this?




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As with the buddy system, is there a program for brothers and sisters? and, is there a buddy program where one is going towards an officer program and the other enlisted?

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Is it possible to achieve sports scholarships while serving??
Ex. Basketball

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