Army Light Wheel Vehicle Repair

The Success of many of the missions that the Army performs is due to the mechanics that service its vehicles. As an Army Light Wheel Vehicle Repairer you will be part of the Maintenance and mechanical team, and an integral member of the overall mission. The light wheel Vehicle repairer and mechanic deals with the repair and maintenance of the lighter duty Army Vehicles such as cars, jeeps and trucks. Working as an Army Light Wheel Mechanic you will be responsible for performing various repair tasks, and maintenance and repair on both light duty vehicles, and occasionally working on heavy wheeled vehicles as required. Some of your duties may include: -Repairing and Tuning gas and diesel engines. -Troubleshooting different system problems in brakes, steering and electrical systems. -Maintaining wheeled suspension systems, power assisted brake systems, and hydraulic systems of steering. -Replacing and repairing damaged or broken vehicle body parts. -Following and establishing maintenance schedules for various Army Vehicles. In job training for a Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic you will attend first Army Basic Training for nine weeks and be taught the Army way of life, and basic soldier skills. Following your graduation from Basic Training you will attend individual advanced training for ten weeks. This time will be broken up into time working on repairs in the field, and in the classroom. You will learn advanced skills in: -Replacing Body panels, radiators and fenders. -Engine repair, operation and tune up procedures. -Mechanical and electrical system vehicle troubleshooting and repair. Get your Free career assessment here If you have a knack for working with your hands, and enjoy working with tools and doing physical work, and if you have interest or experience in industrial arts or auto mechanics, then this may be an ideal job specialty for you. Aptitude or skills with math and interests in automotive engines and systems, and how they work are also helpful in training to become a successful Army Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic. As you rise in rank you will become more of a supervisor, responsible for scheduling, supervising and implementing procedures and repair operations to maintain mission and operational readiness. Skills and training you receive from the Army is state of the art, and will allow you to prepare for a career in civilian life as an automotive detailer, automotive mechanic, or any number of career fields in the automotive repair industry. Many skills that you learn in the Army will transfer to occupational credit for automotive apprenticeship programs.




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