The US Coast Guard Student Reserve

It is always in your best interest to be able to get the training that you will need to be able to enter the military service prepared. The United States Coast Guard is no exception. The only difference is that with the USCG, there are no ROTC programs that you can attend while you are in college. It does not mean that you cannot get the training that you need while you are in school.

How You Get Training

Normal ROTC programs will have you taking military classes while you are in school. When you go through the Student Reserve program, you will are either about to go in or enrolled in college or vocational schools. While you are in school you will still need to report for two summers of training as well as to serve one weekend a month during the school year. After you have completed college, you will be requires to enroll in the US Coast Guard Reserve.

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What You Get

When you study through this program, you will be able to have help paying for your education as well as the ability to enjoy discounted insurance levels. You will also be able to start service at a higher rank than the rest of those who enlist directly into service. This will help you to be able to get the rating that you want to have while you are on duty.




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