US Navy Cryptologic Technician: Collection Positions

The United States Navy is in charge of a lot of information collection in order to make sure that all of the different missions which are being run are able to be handled in the most organized and secure manner. It is important that all of the information about the different kinds of opposition that the forces might encounter. This will help all of the unites to know what they are facing as well as to make sure that mission objectives have not been compromised.

What You Will Do

Whenever you work in this position, you will be in charge of using different pieces of technological equipment to make sure that all of the information which is gathered about the different forces of opposition is accurate. This includes analysis and reporting of findings from communication signals as well as tape recorders. You will work with the most technical equipment available to make sure that the information is gathered discreetly to avoid detection.

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Get the Training

To work in this position you will need to go through the regular basic training like all of the rest of the recruits followed by 114 days of A-School training at Correy Station in Florida. Here you will learn everything that you will need to know in order to be one of the members of this important group of individuals for the United States Navy as well as for the military in general.




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