Army Artillery Cannon Fire Specialist

The Army artillery Cannon Fire team operates large missile equipment and large caliber ammunition to support tank and infantry units. The Army Artillery Cannon Direction specialist is responsible for being a team member of an Army Artillery Field Cannon unit. An Army Fire Direction Specialist is responsible for directing Cannon fire and other large artillery fire support upon a specific location. Army Artillery is also used to support personnel on sea, land and defend against air attack. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Some of the duties of an Artillery Army Fire Specialist include: -Using computers to determine locations of Targets. -Operate maintain and establish various fire control and targeting communication systems. -Ready and maintain tactical artillery and field artillery weapons systems. -Operate computer systems to prepare targets for attack. The job of Army Fire Direction Specialist requires a lot of physical conditioning and stamina. They are required to perform often-repetitive activity for extended amounts of time, without relief or rest. To serve as an Army Artillery Fire Direction Specialist you must possess normal color and vision ability, because a lot of the job involves ammunition that is color-coded. Training for Army Artillery Fire Direction Specialist starts with the same as every Army Soldier, the initial training for duty at boot camp. You will learn concepts in basic Army training for the nine weeks you are there. Then, it’s off to advanced Fire Direction Artillery School. You will be trained for seven weeks under real and simulated conditions of combat. Examples of the training and skills you receive will be: -Tactics and Basic Artillery targeting concepts. -Procedures and methods of handling ammunition. -Rocket, gun, mortar and missile operations. -Training to remain calm and perform under extreme stressful conditions. -Training in how to perform on an artillery team. As a senior level Army Artillery Fire Cannon specialist, you will help in the training of junior enlisted personnel. You can be called to perform duties including: -Using and initiating Computer Center operations. -Use and perform artillery section equipment. -Use computers to calculate fire control, fire mission and fire mission schedules and targeting. The training and computer training you receive as an Army Cannon Fire Direction Specialist will enable you to be successful in a number of careers in civilian life after your time in the military. The computer and technical skills that you are taught will assist you in practically any career that is involved in data processing or computer calculations.




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