Imagine Your Job in US Air Force Diagnostic Imaging

There are many different things which go into the different kinds of medical care that people will need. Among the many different things that you will need whenever you are getting good medical attention is the ability to get the right images by using radiological equipment. This is why the United States Air Force makes sure that it has a good diagnostic imaging department.

What You Will Do

Whenever you work in this position, you will be in charge of helping out to make sure that you will be able to get the images that you the doctors will need so that they will be able to make a proper diagnosis on certain concerns that they might be having with patients. You will need to be able to not only be able to use the machinery properly. You will also need to make minor fixes whenever necessary. This will help you to be able to do your job even better.

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Get the Training

Before you get started in this position, you will have to go through the right kind of training. This will include all of the different kinds of classes that you will need to go through so that you will be able to understand not just what you are supposed to be doing in the lab. You will also be able to understand everything that you will need to know about how the US Air Force works.




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where are there available jobs in this career field? I would like to stay on the east coast

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