Be a Yeoman in the US Coast Guard

There are many different parts which make up the United States Coast Guard. While you might only think about the men and women on the cutters doing what needs to get done, there is a lot which goes behind them to help them to do what they need to do. This includes the need to be able to keep everyone one point and in the positions that they need to be in. This is the job of the Yeoman rating in the US Coast Guard.

What You Will Do

You will be in charge of helping out with making sure that all of the information about the different enlisted members of the coast guard is being properly stored. You will also need to make sure that those who are in line for promotions or any kinds of certification will get everything that they will need so that they will be able to move into the positions that they need to be in. You will serve a purpose of someone who works in a human resources position in a large company.

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Get the Training

Whenever you are looking to work in this position, you will need to go through the right kind of training. You can decide between training which will allow you to go through self-paced training so that you will get the training that you will need in four to six weeks. You can also go through on the job training if you prefer.




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hi, i would like to know whether people from kenya can also apply

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Can people with some scratch and bruises on their records also apply.

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