Army Special Forces Weapons Sergeant

Serving on the Special Forces Team in the Armed Forces is one of the most highly competitive and rewarding specialties that exist. Being an Army Special Forces team member is one of the most specialized combat positions that it is possible to have in the Armed Forces. Special Forces training and service is closed at this time to women, there are a number of non-combat type ratings that women are able to serve in. The members of an Army Special Forces team are very well trained, and they have experience carrying out missions swiftly, often under the cover of darkness. The Army Special Forces Weapons sergeant is a member of the team, but also a master and expert at weapons, weapons systems and ammunition. The Special Forces Weapons Sergeant is a valued member of the Special Forces team and must be prepared to engage the enemy and complete missions around the world at a moments notice. Some of the duties of a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant: -Carrying out demolition raids against specific enemy targets. -Clearing mine fields on land and water. -Venture behind enemy lines to train, recruit and assist friendly forces for guerrilla work. -Selecting placement and weapons type for specific missions. -Evaluating and reporting back on terrain. -Establishing and maintaining proficiency with foreign and domestic heavy and light weapons. -Conducting invasions and raids of enemy territories. -Interpreting, assigning, and reading combat orders. -Selecting sites for weapons for specific missions. The Weapons Sergeant is the weapons specialist for the Special Forces Army team. They are trained to operate and maintain a variety of U.S., Coalition, Allied and foreign weapons and to establish proficiency with such weapons. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Being a member of a Special Forces team is not for the faint of heart. You must have good eyesight, good night vision and excellent physical conditioning. You will be asked to parachute, dive, drive, or arrive on site for your mission in any number of physically demanding and stressful methods. As a Special Weapons Sergeant you will require excellent hand eye coordination when you are required to defuse, detonate, or deactivate certain explosives. Most of the time if you serve as a Special Weapons Sergeant you will be required to be qualified as a diver, endurance runner, and qualified parachutist. Training after boot camp consists of 44 weeks of technical school, including formal classroom training and also in the field on the job training. You will be trained in real life settings using actual live ammunition.




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