GI Bill Selected Reserve

When you choose to serve in the Reserves of the Armed forces you have taken on a solemn responsibility that your country recognizes. Because of this, the government has a program that it has designed to assist you in furthering your education. It is entitled the Montgomery GI Bill- Selected Reserve educational program. It is specially designed for those that do not serve on active duty in the Armed Forces. The MGIB for the selected reserve is a program that was created by Congress for anyone that is serving in the National Guard or Reserves. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. If you are eligible for the MGIB selected reverse program you can use the funds available under the program to train for a number of possible different goals. Funds are available for: -College or University courses. -Vocational or Flight Training. -Select independent study programs. -On the job or apprenticeship training. -Cooperative job skills training. -Correspondence or Certificate job training programs. You can even train for some types of deficiency, refresher or remedial types of training using the MGIB Selected Reserve program. Under the MGIB SR program you will qualify for up to thirty-six months of payments for tuition that is sent directly from the VA to your learning institution. Qualifying for this program is fairly easy. You qualify if: -You sign up for a six-year reserve obligation sometime after June 30th, 1985. -Some types of training it are six years beginning September 30th, 1990. -You remain in good standing in an active Reserve or Selected Reserve Unit, -You have a HS diploma, GED or equivalency certificate before you have completed your IADT. -You have already completed your IADT. If you were involuntarily separated from the Reserves, such as a Reduction in Fighting Force, or if your unit was deactivated from 1 October 1991 to 30 September 1995, you can still qualify for MGIB selected reserve benefits. You can also qualify if you were discharged for any disability that was not directly caused by some sort of misconduct. If you have been ordered back to active duty your benefits can even be extended in some cases. You can get form DD 2384-1 from your unit, the Notice of Basic Eligibility, and your unit can help you apply. It is up to you to make sure the program that you apply for is qualified under the regulations to receive money under the MGIB selected reserve program.




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