Marine Reserve Officer Training Corps

So you have seen some of the Green United States Marine Corps uniforms on different college campuses and you wonder what is involved to be involved? Or you think you have good people skills and would be a good candidate for leadership in the Marine Corps?

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The stated goals and purposes of the Reserve Officer Training Corps for the US Marines is to take candidates who are willing and to educate, teach, and train them to become highly qualified young women and men prepared for commissioned Officer Careers in the Marine Corps. Marine ROTC units are to be found at universities, colleges and selected schools throughout the entire United States. When a participant graduates, and after completing the training and courses necessary, a ROTC midshipman is appointed to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps also award scholarships to candidates who apply and are selected by their scholarship boards. While a midshipman in the ROTC attends college as a scholarship student, the midshipman is enrolled in the inactive ready reserve, and does not receive pay or allowances while enrolled in school. Twice a year the Marine Corps holds selection boards to select scholarship awards winners. Marine Scholarship Award Winners receive scholarships through a national award selection process. These scholarships are highly competitive, and recipients received books, fees, full tuition, and various other financial benefits while going to school.

Eligibility for the Marine ROTC program are fairly basic, and as follows:

-Be a United States Citizen.

-Be at least 17 years of age and not yet 23 years of age.

-Applicants must be 26 years of age or less on June 30th of their potential graduation year; this is extended by active duty prior service for up to but not exceeding three years.

-Be a high School Graduate or have a GED or equivalency certificate.

-Be qualified physically by Marine Corps. standards.

Last, you should not have any personal convictions or moral qualms about bearing arms and defending, supporting and being engaged in the defense of the Constitution of the United States. Some people enter into military ROTC service naively, and do not realize what it entails. So if you are interested in becoming a ROTC midshipman, or applying for ROTC scholarships realize that if commissioned you would be required to swear an oath to defend the United States and its Constitution against all enemies both domestic and foreign.




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military dot image Maj Frank Zink USMC(Ret)    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I am a NJROTC instructor and would like information for my juniors to apply for the USMC scholarships. I counsel many cadets on scholarships, primarily US Navy, but I do have cadets interested in the Corps. I understand if you can only apply to either the USN or the USMC, not both. I need the facts to better serve my cadets, and the Corps.


Maj Zink

military dot image Ayla Sincliar    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

how can i get info on just marine ROTC in Dodge City Ks?

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