Combat Team Five Moves FOB Base

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Marines Work Cooperatively To Shift Operation Center

In a definite show of cooperation, the soldiers and Marines Combat Team 5, 23rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Battalion began the shift of their Forward Operating Base. The base had been located at Haditha City, but the recent success of security operations is allowing the shift of operations.

Marines will continue to patrol the area, but the region where the FOB base is located now has a stable patrol force of Iraqi Soldiers, CLC groups, and Sons of Iraq that help maintain and keep the peace. The movement of the FOB base is seen as a security victory, allowing the citizens to reclaim a part of their own security responsibility.

The new Combat outpost will be located somewhere outside of Haditha City. The FOB base in the middle of the city is being demobilized and moved. The move is seen as a positive step, and a chance for the city to stand on its own and be confident. This will allow Iraqi Security forces to react without our help, and give them a chance to prove themselves, said Sergeant Jarod Barry. Sgt. Barry is with the 3rd Bn 23rd Marines at the FOB Base.

The situation in Haditha City is changing, as it is throughout Iraq. Coalition Forces are slowly returning the control of different areas to Iraqi control. This is a big step for the area at large and for the residents of Haditha City.

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The Iraqi Police are able to step up and take more control for the city, and the people can have confidence in their ability, said Master Sgt Cortez Pree. Pree is also with the 3rd Bn 23rd Marines stationed at the Forward Operating Base.




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