Soldiers Seize Weapons And Explosives

Local Citizens Lead Joint Forces To Materials There is an increased tendency for local citizens in Iraq to assist Iraqi Army and Coalition soldiers in detecting, uncovering and getting rid of explosives and weapons. This continues, as a CLC local group gave a tip to a hidden weapons cache near Qarghuli and Janabi Village. Iraqi Army soldiers worked closely in a number of joint operations, culminating with 11 weapons caches discovered in the last week. “This is the indicator and the strongest one yet that the Iraqi Army is starting to master security here. There is a lot of information and skill to be come proficient at counterinsurgency, and they are doing better and better,” said Captain Michael Starz. Captain Starz is the Commander of Company C, 187th Infantry Regiment. Citizens gave tips to Iraqi Army Soldiers. In the largest cache discovered, artillery and mortar rounds, 2,200 pounds of bulk explosives, IED devices, rockets, and tens of rocket propelled grenades were discovered and handed over to coalition soldiers. A local citizen led soldiers to a location inside Janabi Village to discover this large cache of weapons. In addition there was more than 300 rounds of ammunition were discovered in this weapons cache.” Said Captain Starz. “As our relationships with the local citizens and the Iraqi Army continue to improve then we continue to discover more and more of these weapons caches,” said Star. “The Iraq Army continues to become more and more proficient, and as they get better the overall security continues to improve in this region,” said Captain Starz.




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