More than 150 National Guard Jobs to Choose From

Choosing an exciting career field in the National Guard can be difficult and simple at the same time. On one side of things, with more than 150 job choices there is a lot of work to be done before making a final decision. However, having this many opportunities should definitely be considered a benefit. Surely you can find at least one career that suits your skills and interests.

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Among the generic career fields offered in the National Guard, there are more than 150 jobs (also known as Military Occupational Specialties). By learning more about each career field you can determine if a job within a particular category would suit you well.

Career categories include:

– Infantry

– Armor and Field Artillery

– Aviation

– Administrative

– Medical

– Military Police

– Logistics Support

– Transportation

– Mechanic and Maintenance

– Engineer

– Signal and Military Intelligence

– Interpreter and Translators

– Special Forces

How do you feel about these National Guard careers? If you find one or more that gets you excited, it is time to dive into the jobs offered within each one. For example, engineering is not just engineering when it comes to the National Guard. Instead, you can consider jobs including: Combat Engineer, Horizontal Construction Engineer, Geospatial Engineer, General Engineering Supervisor, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist among others.

To better understand available National Guard careers and jobs, speak with your local recruiter. He or she can provide more information on each opportunity, including eligibility qualifications and pay among other important details.

With more than 150 National Guard jobs to choose from, finding an exciting and rewarding opportunity is easier than ever before. By joining the Guard, you can get real life work experience while defending your country.




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my name is peter morgan,i am very interested in joining the u.s. army.
the career i found interested is engineer,

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I am Henry Delos Santos Supan interested to join the USARMY-TECHNICAL/ENGINEERING STAFF. More power. God bless

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