How to Effectively Communicate with an Army Recruiter

Enlisting in the Army is not something to take lightly. Regardless of your age, location, or career goals, you need to think long and hard about this decision. It will change your life forever, so making the right choice is imperative.

One of the best ways to learn more about the US Army is to setup an appointment with a local Recruiter. This will give you the chance to ask questions, gather information, and more or less get a better feel for whether you will fit in.

Effectively communicating with an Army Recruiter is of utmost importance. In other words, you cannot expect a lot from your meeting unless you are 100 percent prepared.

Here are three tips you can follow to better communicate with your Recruiter, ensuring that you get more out of the process:

1. Have your questions ready. What do you want to ask your Recruiter? If you don’t have your questions written down you may forget some of them along the way. It is essential that you write down your questions so that you can ask them when the time comes, while also jotting down any answers that are of interest to you.

2. Take your parents. Obviously, this depends on how old you are. That being said, if you are in high school or college you should feel comfortable taking your parents to your meeting with an Army Recruiter. Not only can they help you make an informed decision, but it will go a long way in putting their mind at ease.

3. Let your Recruiter talk. There is no doubt that you want to ask many questions – and you have the right to do just that. However, you don’t want to do all the talking. Your Recruiter has a lot of information and advice to share. You should let him/her talk while soaking up as much knowledge and advice as possible.

By following these three tips, you can more effectively communicate with an Army Recruiter.




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