Navy Careers and Training

When you join the Navy you are taking a big step in both your personal and professional lives. On top of this, you are making the decision to help your country in a variety of ways. Although your life will change once you enlist, you will soon realize that it is for the better.

Navy Career Fields

When you decide to enlist in the Navy you can request placement in a particular career field. The 10 career categories that you need to be aware of include: Arts and Education; Aviation; Business and Legal; Chaplain and Support; Engineering and Applied Science; Health Care; Information and Technology; Nuclear Energy; Service and Safety; and Special Operations.

There are many Navy jobs within each category. Speak with your recruiter about every option – even if you don’t think you will enjoy it. You never know what you will find.

Is it possible to switch jobs in the future? While possible to switch jobs if you don’t like your current position, you cannot count on this being an option. It is important to do all your homework to ensure that you choose the right military career path the first time around. Remember, you put a lot of time into training for your new job. You don’t want this to go to waste.

Not everybody knows what Navy job is best for them. In fact, the majority of people need a little bit of help when it comes time to make a decision. Your recruiter can discuss your options, helping you narrow your choices and make a decision you can be confident in.

Do I qualify? Even if you don’t have experience in a particular field, you can still get involved. The Navy is willing to train you. As long as you have an interest in the career and meet the basic qualifications, you can get involved.

Who knows… desire a life for the ultimate adventure? Consider a life as a Navy Seal and see how it can change your life forever. No matter the career path you decide on, when you join the Navy you can be rest assured that you will receive training from the most experienced professionals in your field.




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Happy New Year to all shipers THE SAILOR ! Philippine School Year 1978-80 when I send my signed picture/envelope w/ D.O.B address to USNAVY RECRUITING STATION SUBIC NAVAL BASE PHILIPPINES. Even I didnt recieve a REPLY I REVIEW ( I RENOUNCE MY CITIZENSHIP) , I HOPE & Dream that I AM NOW ONE OUT OF MANY. More power. God bless. Technical Machine Shop Practice – HENRY S. SUPAN

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