Why Young Veterans Can Not Get Civilian Jobs

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics about one of every three young veterans between the ages of 18 to 24 did not have jobs during the fourth quarter of 2011. That is almost double the rate of civilians at the same age. This is even worst that the last quarter of 2010 when the unemployment rate for this age group was one of five young veterans was without work.

Many believe that the high rate of employment for these young veterans is due to the lack of civilian skills. In other words, the skills that many were trained to do in Iraq or Afghanistan or on the high seas… are not in demand by America civilian employers. Although the current administration initiated several federal initiatives to simulate the hiring of these vets, it appears that the ‘tax credits’ to these employers are not working.

According to Larry Fowler, USMilitary.com, all military recruits should only accept military job training that offers a strong carry over to the civilian job marketplace. In other words, never accept military training for a specific job unless such training offers ‘civilian’ benefits long after the military. Many recruits go into a military branch and are assigned to a ‘school’ based soley on the needs of the military. Not a great ideal for the ‘recruit’ if it is job training that offers little hope for a career ‘after’ the military.

Also a college degree will definitely increase your chances of a job offer. Especially if you’re a military officer. Most civilian corporations love the discipline and skills that are taught to them. Not only that, but college graduates earn on average about 65% more than non college graduates.

The last resort, is obviously the job boards like JobsCity.com.

In summary, all military enlistees should do their homework to confirm that their selected military job training will last a lifetime (long after the military). Then if possible, get a college degree and recieve an officer’s commission.

Granted both require work… but the the benefits will last a life time!




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A local company in my city specializes in placing veterans in civilian jobs. RecruitMilitary has a job database for veterans to post their resume and profile to, search 1,000s of jobs, and offers Opportunity Expos throughout the year and across the country. At the veteran-only Expos, or career fairs, veterans can interview with up to 40 companies in one place. Here is a schedule of the upcoming Opportunity Expos events.recruitmilitary.com/.

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