Money for College from the National Guard

Is higher education on your mind? Are you in need of financial assistance? If you answered yes to these questions, a commitment to the National Guard may be what you have been searching for. Potential benefits include:

– 100 percent tuition assistance

– Montgomery GI Bill

– Post 9/11 GI Bill

– Army National Guard Kicker

– National Guard Scholarships

– ROTC Program

– Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

Which one of these programs best suit you? With so many options, you should be able to find at least one that you qualify for.

With the Federal Tuition Assistance program, for example, the Guard
    will pay up to 100 percent of your college tuition
– or as much as $18,000 over the course of four years.

The Montgomery GI Bill has made college life much easier on many students. This helps ease the financial burden of paying for college by providing a monthly allowance of $300 or more. Best yet, the money is sent directly to you instead of the school you are attending. In short, this allows you to use the money however you see fit.

What about ROTC? This program has been popular for many years. This allows you to receive training while in school and earn a commission as a second lieutenant in the Army, immediately following graduation. As if the training was not enough, this program provides scholarships as well as monthly allowances.

Note: if you are interested in an ROTC scholarship you are required to make a service commitment. Your local recruiter or school representative can discuss this obligation among other important details.

If you need money for college and traditional financial aid options like scholarships may not be the only option, consider the assistance offered through the National Guard.




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