Navy Seal Team Six Rescues Again — 9 Pirates Dead

Navy Seal Team Six freed an American woman held hostage in Somalia during a Wednesday early morning raid.

United States citizen Jessica Buchanan, age 32, along with Dane Hagen Thisted, a Dane, were serving in Somalia as aid workers on a de-mining mission when kidnapped last October. Their captures were Somalia pirates.

Department of Defense officials report that the Navy Seals parachuted in approximately 2:00 am and hiked two miles to the hostages were located near a village named Hiimo Gaabo. It was then that missiles were reportedly launched by a self described pirate by phone. The hostages were quickly located by the Navy Seals and left nine Somali pirates dead.

According to reports, the same Seal Team Six unit that killed bin Laden, conducted this rescue mission leaving nine kidnappers dead. Without question, the early morning timing of these ‘surprise’ rescues (and ‘raids’) is the Navy Seal team’s operational trademark. It was these same dawn hour attacks that the Seals became famous for during the Vietnam conflict as well as recent wars. Such explosive attacks leaves the enemy startled if they’re fortunate enough to be even alive.

It is reported that Buchanan and Thisted were whisked away by helicopter following the rescue, along with the Navy Seals, to a United States military base in the Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti. Shortly after, her parents were notified of the positive news of her successful rescue.

The Danish Refugee Council reportedly had offered a 1.5 million dollar ransom to the pirates but the offer was refused.

It appears that Buchanan was a Christian missionary and graduated from Valley Forge Christian College in 2006.

Seal Team 6 is based in Dam Neck, VA. They were established following the failed Iran rescue attempt in 1980. They are selected from the elite Navy Seal teams of approximately 2500 and based in Little Creek, VA and San Diego, CA. All Navy Seals must graduate from BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition Seal training) prior to their team assignment.

Needless to say, the Navy Seals is America’s weapon of choice whenever it comes to international ‘rescue’. Their trademark rescue tactics offer ‘fast & furious’ resolutions enabling their enemies little or no time to react. Whether it is a rescue or raid by land or water, Navy Seals represent America proudly.




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AMEN! We are proud of you all. THANK YOU!

military dot image David    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Thank you good men – one and all who wear a uniform.

Thank you for this mission and all the ones we never hear about.

God bless…

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Godbless america. Godbless the Navy Seals

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