Army National Guard Human Resources Specialist

The Army National Guard spans the globe. For this reason, organization is of utmost importance. If you want to play your part in keeping the right people in the right positions at all times, you should think about becoming a Human Resources Specialist. Along with this, you will be responsible for many other tasks including record keeping and answering questions related to employment and benefits.

As a Human Resources Specialist, you will play a huge role in ensuring that every Soldier is appropriately developing their career in the National Guard. By providing support and assistance, you will feel as if you are truly a part of something special.

Responsibility of a Human Resources Specialist

As with any position in the Army National Guard, your responsibilities can and will vary on a regular basis. What you are doing today may not be what you are asked to do tomorrow. The ability to take on a variety of responsibilities can help keep your job exciting.

Some of your daily responsibilities could include: maintaining, organizing, and reviewing personnel records; arranging award ceremonies; processing recommendations; preparing and updating requests for evaluations; organizing requests for leaves of absence; ordering supplies for the office; and maintaining complex filing systems.

What about the future? Once your time in the Army National Guard comes to an end, you will want to put your experience and skills to good use in the civilian world. Fortunately, the need for qualified Human Resources professionals is higher than ever before. The skills that you learn in the Guard will translate well into the HR department of any company.

Training for the Guard

Just because you are going to be working in an office does not mean you can skip over the training that is required by the Guard. To get started, you must complete 10 weeks of Basic Training. During this time, you will focus on the development of basic soldiering skills.

Once complete, it is time to move onto five weeks of Advanced Individual Training. It is at this time that you will focus on your specific career; in this case, Human Resources Specialist. Some of the tasks that you will focus on include: how to manage records, retrieval procedures, and how to prepare a variety of forms.


When you become a Human Resources Specialist in the Army National Guard, you gain access to a variety of benefits:

– Paid training

– Montgomery GI Bill

– Monthly paycheck

– 100 percent tuition assistance

– Retirement benefits

– Purchase life insurance at a low cost, up to $400,000 in coverage

– Healthcare benefits


Before you can become a Human Resources Specialist, you must first qualify to enlist in the Army National Guard. Here are the basic requirements:

– High school diploma or GED

– Between the ages of 17 and 35

– Pass a physical exam

– Meet all moral and legal standards

– Meet all citizenship requirements

Final Word

The Human Resources department of the Army National Guard is extremely important to its overall success. If you want to do your part in keeping the Guard organized, think about becoming a Human Resources Specialist.




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