What to Expect at National Guard Basic Combat Training

So, you want to become part of the Army National Guard? This is a great decision regardless of the career path that you intend to follow. Before you get involved with Advanced Individual Training – which focuses on your chosen career – you will have to complete Basic Combat Training.

This is when the real fun starts. Soon enough, your drill sergeant will be shouting orders and you will be well on your way to becoming a better man or woman.

Although you may be intimidated at first, you need to keep one thing in mind: you should always listen to your drill sergeant. Your superiors are working hard to prepare you to serve your country. Don’t take anything personally. You are taking part in Basic Combat Training to better yourself as a soldier. Drill sergeants are concerned with your success, as it is their responsibility to ensure that you are ready to take on any task that you may face in the future.

3 Phases of Basic Combat Training

There are three phases of Basic Combat Training, which runs 10 weeks. Phases include: Red, White, and Blue. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect during each phase.

Red Phase: Phase 1, Weeks 1 – 3

The goal of the first three weeks of Basic Combat Training is to start the transformation process from confused newcomer to confident soldier. During this phase, you will touch on all the fundamentals of becoming a contributing member of the National Guard. Additionally, you will take an Army Physical Fitness test.

White Phase: Phase 2, Weeks 4 – 5

For many people, this is when the action gets underway. During the White Phase, your main point of focus is on weapons, physical training, and overall combat skills. From learning how to identify targets to the basics of using a rifle, this is when you get down to business.

It is safe to say that you will begin to get used to military life during this phase. Right around this time, most soldiers begin to make great strides – which will always make your drill sergeant happy.

Blue Phase: Phase 3, Weeks 6 – 9

This is the final phase of Basic Combat Training. You can expect to improve on your overall understanding of teamwork as well as bettering leadership skills. During this phase, you will take part in multiple tests and challenges. If you think these are nothing more than games, you are wrong. You are required to pass these tests and challenges if you want to graduate from Basic Combat Training.

Graduation, Week 10

When you finally make your way to week 10, it is time for graduation. Congratulations! Basic Combat Training is no easy task. After you complete your final training, you will have a day to spend with your family. The very next day, you will graduate. Of course, you don’t have much time off after that. You will immediate move onto Advanced Individual Training.

Now that you know what to expect from Basic Combat Training, you can decide if you are ready for the challenge. If so, there are only 10 weeks that stand between you and becoming an Army National Guard soldier!




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Just checking out where my nephew, DJ Akers is starting his basic training.

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