Army National Guard Healthcare Officers

Do you have the will and desire to become an Army National Guard Healthcare Officer? When you earn a commission in the Army Medical Department, you know that you are not only helping your country but also assisting those who are relying on your medical expertise.

If you are interested in an Army National Guard Healthcare Officer, it is important to note that there are multiple specialties:

Medical Corps

As a physician you will serve in the Medical Corps. You are responsible for the overall health of soldiers while also focusing on particular areas of medicine based on your training and experience.

Dental Corps

Dentists in the Army National Guard will be part of the Dental Corps. The goal of every dentist is the same: to ensure that each and every soldier has the best possible oral health. During times of fighting, dentists are on call to assist with dental emergencies and overall health.

Specialist Corps

Physical Therapists and Physician Assistants serve as part of the Army Specialist Corps. These professionals are responsible for treating and supporting the overall health needs of Army National Guard Soldiers as well as their families. Day after day, you will work by the side of dentists, physicians, and many other types of medical personnel.

Medical Service Corps

There are multiple specialties that make up this group including: Nuclear Physicists, Environmental Engineers, Medical Administrators, and Aeromedical Evacuation Pilots. These professionals play a big part in treating Soldiers and ensuring their long term health.

Nurse Corps

The Army Nurse Corps is comprised of Family Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses. As a Registered Nurse, you are required to have a bachelor’s degree in nursing at the minimum. You are also eligible if you are currently taking part in a BSN program. One step up the ladder, Family Nurse Practitioners must have a master’s degree. As the name suggests, nursing professionals provide nursing care.


Did you know that dental and medical students can serve as a Healthcare Student Officer while they learn? When you take on the responsibility of Healthcare Student Officer you are placed in a non-deployable position. This means that you are not eligible to go to war but you can still help others at home. Along with this, students are eligible for education financial assistance based programs.

Behavioral Health Officers

This is another specialty area of the Medical Service Corps. Behavioral Health Officers include Clinical Psychologists and Social Workers. As somebody in this position, you will plan and manage programs related to social work and clinical psychology. All programs have the same goal: to promote the overall well being as related to mental health.

Requirements for Healthcare Officers

If you are interested in becoming a Healthcare Officer, you are required to attend and complete a military training course at Fort Sam Houston. Most specialties require that you attend a 26 day orientation, however, some jobs require a full seven week training course.

General Requirements

To become a Healthcare Officer, you need to meet these basic requirements:

– Meet all medical standards

– United States citizen

– 21 years of age or older

– Ability to obtain the proper security clearance

– Completion of an accredited degree program


– Medical and dental care through TRICARE Reserve Select

– Low cost life insurance

– Free air flights when available

– Tax free shopping at commissaries and post exchanges

– Retirement pension plan after 20 years of part-time service

No matter if you have your degree or are currently working towards it, you can find a career in the Army National Guard field of health.




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military dot image John Peterson    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I am currently a 68W looking to advance into an officer program. I would like to inquire for more information on potential programs available. What are my options when I complete an associates degree?

military dot image LARRY FOWLER    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Military may be the best offer for medical training. Free college especially while college costs are almost out of control. Must admit though, I’d be hesitant about a career in the medical world due to all the new Obama legislation. Some doctors would love to do something else after the military. All to say, if you go into the medical community, do it because you WANT IT! The best news is that becoming a medical doctor regardless of a socialistic government must be personally rewarding. Cool.

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