Top 10 Colleges For The Military

Are you interested in joining the military after receiving your college degree? If so, you need to start thinking about your future while you are in college. There are many military colleges that offer four-year programs. These institutions fall into two categories:

1. Federal academies that specialize in preparing students to become commissioned officers

2. Military colleges that offer ROTC programs

Either way, one thing remains the same: you are going to get the training necessary, along with a four year degree, that can help you achieve success in the military soon enough.

United States Military Academy

Also known as West Point, the United States Military Academy is the oldest of the service academies (founded in 1802). When you enroll in West Point, you are agreeing to enlist in the Army upon graduation. In return, your tuition is paid in full.

In order to be considered for admittance, you must receive a nomination from a member of Congress.

United States Merchant Marine Academy

As the name suggests, this institution is responsible for training officers for the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Students at this school are known as midshipmen.

United States Naval Academy

Admission to the United States Naval Academy is extremely selective. This school is located in Annapolis, Maryland. At a given time, only 4,400 midshipmen are enrolled. The motto of the United States Naval Academy is simple: “From knowledge, seapower.”

United States Coast Guard Academy

Are you interested in becoming a Coast Guard officer? If so, the United States Coast Guard Academy is right for you. Upon graduation, you are obligated to spend five years of service in the Coast Guard. This institution is located in New London, Connection. There are eight majors for students to choose from.

United States Air Force Academy

This is one of the most popular service academies, with the goal of training students to become officers in the Air Force. There are roughly 4,500 cadets enrolled in the United States Air Force Academy at anytime. Did you know that this school is often noted as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the world?

Texas A&M

Texas A&M University is one of the largest in the state of Texas. That being said, its military college is quite large itself with approximately 2,000 cadets. Up until 1965, all males attending the school were required to enroll in the military school.

Norwich University

Many people are unaware of the fact that Norwich University is considered one of the top military colleges in the United States. Located in Norwich, Vermont, this school is home to both a regular student body and a cadet corp group. It was founded in 1819, making it the oldest private military college in the country. It is also believed that the ROTC program was born at this school.

The Military College of South Carolina (also known as the Citadel)

The Military College of South Carolina is home to approximately 2,200 undergraduate students, making it one of the smallest in the country. All cadets are required to complete four years of military training. However, they are not required to enlist in the military after graduation.

Virginia Military Institute (also known as VMI)

Virginia Military Institute is located in Lexington, Virginia. It is known as the oldest state supported military college in the country. This institution is often times referred to as the “West Point of the South.” VMI is a relatively small school with only 1,400 undergraduate.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (also known as Virginia Tech)

Home to the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets, this school is well known the world over for its military preparation prowess. There is a separate college within the university for cadets which number roughly 2,200 each year.




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The truth of the best college may be the college right around the block. Think about it, live at home while attending college can save a fortune not to mention free food. Plus family support. Especially if you’re married with kids. The real and perhaps the most important question is ‘what’ college offers a degree that leads you into the ‘career’ in which you’re majoring. So many students today stay in school spending countless untold dollars not having a clue of what they’re going to do after college. All to say, the best school is a ‘personal’ choice and varies from one student to the next. Do your homework. Be smart ‘before’ joining a frat!

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