Get a College Degree While in the Military

Are you currently serving in the Military? Are you interested in earning your degree? Believe it or not, you can earn your college degree while you serve your country. For many, this is the perfect combination.

Military Education Programs

Before you decide for or against this, you must learn more about the many Military education programs that are currently being offered to soldiers in your position. No matter which branch of the Military you are serving in, there are education programs that can help you earn your degree while saving a lot of money.

100 Percent Tuition Assistance

One of the biggest drawbacks of attending college is the cost. Fortunately, when you are part of the Military this is nothing that you have to worry about. You can take advantage of the 100 percent Tuition Assistance program. With this, you will receive up to $18,000 over four years. In turn, you can receive your degree while serving your country without going into debt.

The Montgomery GI Bill

Another way to pay for college is the Montgomery GI Bill. Depending on how long you enlist, you can receive $50,000 to help pay for your education. This is often times considered the best program for people who have already made a commitment to serve.

Note: the Montgomery GI Bill is managed by the Veterans Administration, not the Department of Defense or any particular Military branch.

Find a School

No matter where you are stationed, you should be able to find a school in your area that offers college courses for Military personnel. By now, you should realize that financial assistance is available. However, it does not matter how much money you receive from the Military unless you actually enroll in courses.

The Military is extremely serious about education. They want each and every soldier to push themselves to the limit. For this reason, you will have plenty of help while attempting to find a school in your area.

Did you know that some Navy sailors have the ability to earn college credit while at sea? Again, the US Military has setup an advanced infrastructure to ensure that everybody has the chance to advance their education.

Earn while you Learn

When you work towards earning your college degree while in the military, you have the chance to earn a monthly paycheck (along with a long list of benefits) while you learn. This is the best of both worlds.

Your college degree, combined with your Military experience, will allow you to find the perfect job – in your desired field – after you are done serving your country.

If you are serving in the Military and don’t yet have a college degree, request more information on the educational and financial programs that are available to you.




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Dear Advisor,My name is Hubert Charles I am a legal permanent resident,I am very interested to make oart of the national Guard and I was working as a professional security guard at the americain ambassy in Haiti 12/2003 to 9/2007 and I have been working 8 years as a regular security here in america,it was always a dream for me to be a military because I am a human soldier I am decided to work hard and ready to be a national Guard,please read my aplication,hopefully you take my case in consideration,sincerelly Hubert Charles.

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The unaccredited universities are considered as degree mills that provide nothing that would have some value or worth. Their degree holders are not accepted by the employers and are left worthless. So, to gain a reputable position and outshine, the educational institutions need to be accredited so as to make their worth enrollment.

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Agree! Totally. All prospective students have to do their research. Don’t pay a penny until accreditation is confirmed.

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