CID Criminal Special Agent Investigator

Serving in the Army and studying to become a Criminal Investigation specialist or Special Agent is one of jobs an enlisted person can choose. The Army has their own law enforcement branch, and their CID officers and law enforcement personnel are highly trained in law enforcement and security, and are prepared to deal with any crimes that are committed. The Army Criminal Investigation Division deals with any crime involving Army personnel or crimes that are committed on Army property. Army Criminal Investigation Special Agents are responsible for conducting and supervising various investigations of incidents or offenses involving Army personnel.

Any allegation or offense that deals with Defense, Army, or Armed Forces personnel, or that occurs on any Department of Defense or Army facility can fall under the Army CID jurisdiction.,

Some of the different duties that an Army CID investigator has include:

-Conducting serious or sensitive investigations.

-Looking into and investigating serious crime.

-Analyzing, conducting and giving out to authorized personnel criminal intelligence.

-Investigation of activities related to terrorism, treason and espionage.

-Interviewing and questioning suspects, witnesses and others regarding crime.

-Maintaining criminal records and Army Investigative service records.

-Conducting and assisting in gathering forensic laboratory evidence.

After basic training a candidate for Criminal Investigator will attend advanced individual training at a 15-week course of study that is based on criminal investigative service skills. You will be challenged both mentally and physically, and you will receive state of the art training. Some of the training you receive will be in skills dealing with:

-Special Investigation techniques dealing with photography.

-Special training and detection in subjects including anti terrorism.

-Skills and knowledge of crime prevention techniques and investigation procedures.

-Military and civil laws, and their application.

-Knowledge and training in crime scene processing, investigations and testimony evidence.

-Training and skills involved in crimes against property or persons.

-Knowledge of drug investigation techniques and techniques in drugs, economics, and physical evidence gathering.

If you have an interest in working with people, a willingness to perform work in situations that may be potentially serious or even dangerous, an interest in crime prevention and law enforcement, and the ability to remain calm under pressure then this may be the job for you. As you rise in rank you will be responsible to supervise and help train junior members of your Criminal enforcement team, and more junior enlisted personnel than yourself.




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What is the starting salary for an CID investigator and CID Criminal Special Agent Investigator? I have never been in the military. My highest degree is J.D.


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i have never served and i will like to join can i enlisted direct to this CID Criminal Special Agent Investigator program?

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This is very important post about CID Criminal Special Agent Investigator.It is like most popularly army rule. The private investigator interest in working with people and solve their problem.

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