Become a Navy Officer with a College Degree

Are you interested in becoming a Navy Officer? Putting yourself on the right track can be a relatively simple task – if you know which steps to follow. Above all else, you need a college degree. This is the first step to becoming an Officer and moving your way through the ranks.

No matter when you decide to enlist in the Navy – during your college career or after – with a degree in hand you can do big things.

Note: the Navy ROTC program is a great option for those who want to become an Officer. With this program, you will train while you are in college. Along with this benefit, the Navy may pay for part or all of your education.

What are the Qualifications of becoming a Navy Officer?

As far as college is concerned, you must receive a four year BA or BS degree from an accredited university. Along with this, you must have above average grades in the classroom.

Other requirements include: between the age of 19 and 35, good physical condition, and the ability to pass a medical exam.

If you meet these requirements – with a college degree being most important – you will be on your way to becoming a Navy Officer.

How much Time must I commit to the Navy?

Before you become an Officer, it is important to learn more about your time commitment. The minimum time on Active Duty for an Officer in the Navy is four years. That being said, there are exceptions: Engineering Officers must service five years; Medical Officers must serve three years; and Flight Officers must serve between eight and ten years.

Generally speaking, as a Navy Officer you will spend some time at sea and some time at shore.

What about Officer Candidate School? Do I need to Attend?

Officer Candidate School is a 12 week program that is made up of rigorous training, both in the classroom and in the field. This program will lay the groundwork for your future career in the Navy. After 12 weeks of training, you will have a much better feel for what the Navy is all about. From the importance of teamwork to the values of the Navy, you will touch on a variety of details.

Do Navy Officers Earn Good Money?

Now that you have a college degree in hand and are part of the Navy as an Officer, you can begin to take advantage of a competitive salary as well as benefits that are unrivaled by any civilian position.

Most people agree that the salary and benefits offered to a Navy Officer are quite competitive with those for civilian employees. When you factor in housing and other allowances, it is easy to see that you are getting a great deal.

Once your time in the military comes to an end, you will be in position to take on a civilian career. Since you will have a college degree and Navy experience, you will find it much easier to land a job. Employers love people who have served in the military, especially those who were Officers.

Becoming a Navy Officer starts with earning a college degree. From there, you are ready to serve your country and earn a competitive salary.




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I am a philippine citizen, and soon to be graduating in BS Electrical Engineering, may I know how to apply to be a US Navy.

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Becoming an officer in the military has huge benefits not only during ‘service’ but long after as well. Not to mention better pay, better job in civilian life. The easiest way is to have a college degree. I would strongly recommend to do whatever necessary to get your degree. In fact, you might even become smarter in life.

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