Military Alphabet

Much like Military time, as you begin to serve your country – regardless of the branch that you choose – you will need to become familiar with a new alphabet. The letters that you learned in the past still apply, but now they have a special indicator.

To avoid all potential confusion, the US Military has assigned a word to each letter in the alphabet. This goes a long way in ensuring that nothing is lost in translation due to a misunderstanding.

Below is the Military alphabet:

A:  Alpha

B:  Bravo

C:  Charlie

D:  Delta

E:  Echo

F:  Foxtrot

G:  Golf

H:  Hotel

I:  India

J:  Juliet

K:  Kilo

L:  Lima

M:  Mike

N:  November

O:  Oscar

P:  Papa

Q:  Quebec

R:  Romeo

S:  Sierra

T:  Tango

U:  Uniform

V:  Victor

W:  Whiskey

X:  X-Ray

Y:  Yankee

Z:  Zulu

With the Military alphabet in mind, let’s have a bit of a lesson. If you were using this alphabet to spell out the word “Navy” you would say the following:

November, Alpha, Victor, Yankee.

As you can see, the first letter corresponds with the word that you are spelling.

In addition to the alphabet, the Military has come up with the same system for numbers.

1:  Wun

2:  Too

3:  Tree

4:  Fower

5:  Fife

6:  Siks

7:  Seven

8:  Ait

9:  Niner

0:  Zeero

Before enlisting in the US Military, do yourself a favor and become familiar with the above alphabet and numerical system. You will be required to use this alphabet upon enlisting, so you might as well become familiar with it as soon as possible.




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military dot image larryf    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Never knew that I would need to know the military alphabet. Do they still use it?

military dot image Martin Devine    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Nice job my friends, my wife brought up the new movie Wiskey Tango Foxtrot and was asking me about the phonic alphabet which I still use all the time and believe it or not I questioned myself about the U – Uniform, so I got out the old phone and look it up. Also it was nice you included the Numbers which most people don’t know about them unless they were in the signal corps and yes you might have guessed that!!! I was O5C!!!

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