M1 Tank Marine Corps Crewman

The enlisted person who seeks to join the Marine Corps that wants to be a M1 Tank crewman is a person who will have an adventurous and exciting job ahead of them. The Tank crewperson works to keep their tracked vehicle in good repair, and to keep up with all maintenance during both land and amphibious operations. The duty of a M1 Tank operator includes being able to perform basic tasks in a combined environment area inside combat vehicles.

A M1A1 Tank crew or unit crewman knows various skills and performs operations in support of the mission assigned to the tank crew. The Tank crew of a M1A1 functions as a unit, to provide tactical employment, firing, and maneuvering. Tasks of a M1A1 crewman can include preparing the tank, assembling equipment, personnel and supplies for movement, preparation of ammunition for firing, driving the tank, aiming, loading, and firing operations in the M1A1 tank environment, locating targets, and other various tank crew type responsibilities.

Requirements/Prerequisites to serve as an M1 Tank vehicle crewman:

-Combined score on the GT section of the ASVAB tests of 90 or higher.

-Normal Vision correctable to 20/20.

-Normal Color Vision and normal hearing.

Training for an M1Abrahms tank crewman begins as with all Marine enlisted candidates, Basic Combat training. After boot camp a M1 tank candidate will attend the M1A1 Armor course. This is a course of training involving both classroom training and combat skill training. Training is conducted at Ft Knox, Kentucky and consists of both on the job training, as well as modified skills training conducted under simulated conditions. Upon graduation of the M1A1 armor course, a candidate is considered non-MOS qualified.

To become MOS Qualified, the candidate will then attend a training course held also at Fort Knox Kentucky. Called the M1A1 Reserve Tank Gunner/Commander Course, it is a nineteen-day advanced training course that will teach and hone the necessary skills to be a certified M1A1 crewman. After completion of the Reserve Tank Gunner/Commander course, the candidate will have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills to the instructor/inspector of the battalion. Upon successful demonstration of skills they may become billet certified as a M1A1 tank crewman.

If you have good basic mechanical ability and the ability to use tools, and can work successfully in a team environment, and do not mind-closed spaces, this may be the job for you.




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military dot image Giles Meyer    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

What was the name of the M1 tank’s towing unit called, i.e. the part that was stored at th e rear of the gun turret and used to connect the towing equipment to another tank?

military dot image Evan mitchell    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

To be a marine tank officer I have good vision in one eye and a little blury in the other can I still be qualified

military dot image Shelton Henderson    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I am 80 percent deaf in my right ear. Does this mean I can’t be a part of a tank crew?

military dot image Jordan    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I would like to join the usmc tank crewmen but my eye sight is not 20/20 so does tham mean my dream of becoming a tankcrewmen is over befor its stars.

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