Precision Weapons Marine Corps Repairer

The enlisted job of the Marine Corps Precision Weapons Repairer is a skilled job, not everyone that wants to get into this competitive field is able to. The Precision Weapons repairer deals with the maintenance, inspection, repair and at times fabrication of small arms and other precision weapons systems. The Repairer works in support of the Depot Maintenance, the Competition in Arms Program, and various other Intra Service Support programs. To serve as a Marine Corps Weapons repairperson, there are some various requirements. A specific ASVAB score of 105 on the MM section is required to enter the Precision Weapons Repair program. A candidate will be at least a Corporal and have at least three years left on their obligated enlistment, the training that the Marine Corps invests in their Precision Weapons Repair Personnel is valuable and they do not want to deal with short timers in training new personnel. Other requirements for the Precision Weapons Repair Program include: -Candidate must have a working knowledge of the Competition in Arms Program. -Be able to operate machinist tools, equipment and power equipment. To perform as a Marine Corps Weapons Specialist and Precision Weapons Repair person you have to be trained in a variety of topics, and different ordnance material training. Your duties will include the maintenance, repair and inspection of most of the different weapons systems in use by the Marine Corps. After Basic Combat Training, the candidate for Weapons Repair will be instructed in basic ordnance knowledge and administration. Duties include” -Analyze a weapon or piece of ordnance and troubleshoot any problems found. -Implement repair shop and armory operation procedures. -Disassemble and replace portions of weapons systems needing repair. -Ability to share technical knowledge and assist in training other soldiers in weapons skills. The Marine Corps Weapons Repairer training is both in the classroom and on the job. After basic training, a candidate for Precision Weapons repairer will attend an advanced training school where different basic ordnance and weapons repair concepts are taught. Hands back up classroom training on use of tools and work on specific weapons and weapons systems. The candidate will learn how to service, repair and inspect basic small arms and ordnance, and learn how to solve basic repair problems. Other training will occur to assist in learning the skills necessary to work on the various types of weapons used in the Marine Corps. Civilian jobs that this training will prepare you for include machinist, metalworker, and gunsmith type occupations.




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