Amazing Nursing Careers In The Navy

Serving in the Navy as a nurse you will discover new meaning for the term Teamwork. You will have an opportunity to work side by side with medical professionals, in a variety of situations helping patients. You will be serving in a position of respect and honor, serving your country while you advance your professional skills. It is Navy career that is rewarding and challenging, and you have the additional respect of being able to serve as a commissioned Navy officer.

Every Nurse in the Unites States Navy is a Commissioned Navy Officer. Your opinion will be relied upon to give patients improved care, and you will work with other medical professionals using state of the Art facilities, materials and technology. You will have the ability to work with patients on a one to one basis, and connect with them. You will get to know many of your patients, the brave Marines and Sailors and their dependents serving in the War on Terror, who have responded to the call to serve and defend their country. Joining the Navy Nursing program means joining a rich heritage that is designed to deal with patients one on one. You will work with fellow nurses, cardiologists, therapists, physicians and surgeons, and work together to formulate patient care plans.

With the advent of technology you will be able to give a higher level of care than many situations in the civilian sector. The Navy has programs for nursing dealing with many different specialties. You will be able to choose your Navy-nursing specialty from among areas such as?

-Critical Care.

-General Medicine/General Surgery.



-Emergency Room/Trauma Medicine. -Psychiatry.

-Recovery Room/Post-Anesthesia. -Preoperative Care.



It does not matter where you are at in your nursing career, a student nurse or a full licensed nurse working in the field; there is a program in the Navy that can help. There are generous financial assistance, and lucrative scholarships that are available, as well as continuing education programs. There are bonuses for up to $25,000 dollars for nurses joining the Navy, and also programs for nurses currently going to school. In addition there are opportunities in the Navy ROTC program especially for nursing students. The Naval Reserve Officer program for nurses can provide up to $180,000 dollars toward college tuition, books and all fees. You can work toward a four-year degree and then serve as a Navy nurse.




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military dot image Rey Crisostomo V. Reyes    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I am a third year nursing student and will be a fourth year student this coming semester. My dream is to become a Navy Nurse though I live in the Republic of the Philippines, I want to serve every people and not considering any discrimination in other country. I want to be a part of the military medical team to explore my knowledge, to be a part of the health care providers and to help in preventing disease and diformities. I am here to volunteer myself and I am very much willing to be a Military Nurse.

military dot image Ashley    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I am a 23year old female. Already a registered nurse in the state of Massachusetts with an Associates Degree from Bunker Hill Community College. I am having trouble finding a job in the Boston area. I wish to travel. It would be an honor to work with men and women serve the country. I was lucky enough to have experienced a clinical rotation at the VA in W. Roxbury and I loved it there. I can’t believe I am saying this but I would like more information about becoming a navy nurse =)

military dot image Chelsea McDargh    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Im 17 years old. I really would like to be a navy nurse. I would love to save lives. This sounds like me cause im a fast learner when its hands on.

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