Army ROTC Program for College Students

Getting a college degree is one thing. Doing so while you prepare for a career in the United States Military is another thing entirely. When you become part of the Army ROTC program, you are putting yourself in position to make the most out of your college education.

With the ROTC you get the best of both worlds. On one side of things, you are going to attend college just like every other student. You enroll in traditional courses and you have time to take part in extracurricular and social activities.

On the other side of things, you are going to be taking part in classes and field training as part of the ROTC program. With this, you are going to learn all the tools necessary to become an Officer in the Army. Best yet, it never gets in the way of your other classes – allowing you to earn the type of degree that is best for you.

What else do you get when you become part of the ROTC?

Perhaps most importantly, you will begin to receive the discipline you need to excel in any career field that you choose. Once you have this, there is no stopping you.

Of course, there is one other big benefit of enrolling in the ROTC program: you can receive money for tuition and other expenses.

With the cost of college on the rise, it is more important than ever to understand your many financial aid options. If nothing else is working for you and you are going to enlist in the Military upon graduation anyway, you might as well look into the financial benefits that go along with becoming part of the ROTC.

Enrolling in the ROTC

If you have any interested in the ROTC program you have to learn more about your enrollment options. You can get started by taking a basic ROTC elective course. If you don’t have time for this and have at least two years of school remaining, you are allowed to complete the Leader’s Training Course at Fort Knox, Kentucky during the summer. This is known as the Army ROTC Advanced Course.

Financial Assistance

The ROTC offers scholarships for two, three, and four years. As you can see, no matter if you enroll during your freshman year or you wait until you are a junior, there are scholarship opportunities to consider.

In addition to scholarships, there are other financial benefits that can help you pay for books and other expenses. Along with this, many members of the ROTC qualify for an annual stipend of up to $5,000.

Although financial assistance is available, it is important to note that you are not guaranteed any money. When you take a scholarship you are making a commitment to your country in the following ways:

– To serve full time in the Army for a period of four years

– In some cases, you may be allowed to serve part time in the Army National Guard or Army Reserve while focusing the rest of your time on a civilian career

If you plan on joining the Army after college, you might as well get a jump on the action by becoming part of the ROTC program at your school. This gives you the chance to receive money for college while also preparing yourself to work as an Officer when you graduate. Does it get any better than that?




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When would be a good time to apply for ROTC scholorshipa if you are a high school student?

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I’d suggest visiting college(s). Often each college will allow you to take ROTC via your freshman year without a commitment. Also, suggest checking out Good luck!

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I would like to apply from now on cause I’ve been waiting for along period and appling for different learnerships but nothing taking place.

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